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The Piatra Craiului Mountains

The protected natural areas are the Pietra Craiului’s Crest, the Zames?ti Pitfalls, Dambovicioara’s Gorge, the Great Gorge of Dambovita and the Western Wall. The unique landscapes in this area are to be found in Piatra Craiului’s Crest, the longest and highest limestone crest in the country, the open pit beneath the Coltii Grindului and the Cavbe in the Coltii Chiliilor. There are 21 well-known tourist tracks which atract annualy thousands mountain loving people passionate about the beauty of these places.

Accomodation facilities include the chalets Plaiul Foii, Gura Raului, Curmatura Brusturet, as well as mountain refuges and boarding houses in Zamesti, Pestera, Magura, Dambovicioara, Rucar, Moieciu and Predelut. The Retezat Mountains

Located in the Western part of Romania, the Retezat Mountains have the oldest national patk in the country. As main tourist attractions there are the Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa, the Densus monument church, the Malaiesti citadel, Prislop Monastery, but also the largest glacier lake in Romania , Lake Bucura, and the deepest alpine lake in the country, Zanoaga Lake.

The western Carpathians

Are the smallest and most fragmented of all Romanian Carpathians. They include the nationa parks of Cheile Nerei, Beunita and Semenic, Cheile Caraului and the National Parks of Portile-de-Fier and Apuseni. With a potential developed from a touristic point of view, The Western Carpathians distinguish themselves due to

Western Carpathians -overview

Chalet in Bucegi Mountains

The Kalinderu slope – Busteni

the summer touristic routes, as well as due to the numerous caves which attract annually hundreds of enthusiasts of experts in speleology.

The Apuseni Mountains

Generally, the climate is damp and cold on high peaks. The annual average temperature is 4°C. This region includes the most interesting touristic locations, some of them unique in the whole world and in Europe – The glacier at Scarisoara, The Bears’ Cave, Ponor Fortresses, The Live Fire Glacier Cave, Cave Meziaf, Karstic Plateau, The Dragons’ Cave, Detunatele. The Hill with Snails and many others.

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