Hey, I’m very excited. Because we just picked up al we’re going on a road trip yes, and we’re pretty much just gonna be road tripping from Vancouver to Alberta like super week yeah, and um he’s a little bit nervous. Because he’s never driven on the right side of the road which is the wrong size of road you might not see the best side of me if these dresses at all I may try posting can you get you been on the right side let’s go alrighty nice 20 minutes in and.


So far. So good how are you feeling, I’m feeling good it just feels like Australia. But on the other side of the road good we are we missed our turn off though thank you so much I forgot your name for recommending this GPS app to us. Because it is so helpful we’re trying to get. Because we’re heading to metro town to get some food, and we didn’t have this, and we have this map we would have no clue what to do I still still think we should use the map yeah I wanted to have a go at using it. But um yeah thanks so much for suggesting that GPS free GPS app it’s so good thank you that’s good like you guys read Metro towns go get some supplies.

Because when helper – last weekend it was so expensive. So we’re just gonna get like just non fruit, and veg stuff I feel good now, I’m excited for the road trip I was nervous we’re gonna go get some some ease all right guys we’ve got our shopping, and now we are on to it come loose come loose it’s about a four-hour drive, and we’ll see if there’s any cool stops along the way, I’m feeling good yeah, I’m feeling good I had my bagel awesome that my team is let’s just hope we don’t crash, and it is you, and I were first denied to bear by surprise I was with you all the time you may not realize by it looks like there was a crash on the major highway. So we’re not too sure what we’re gonna do now. Because I think there’s one main worry that gets us there. So we’re gonna have a look on a map, and see if we can work out another way it’s probably going to be a much longer way though well working out guys, and we’ll go back to see we’re meant to go this way all right guys we’re now on the right track. But now that we’re on this other road we’ve noticed that this is giant fire.

So hopefully that doesn’t affect this route as well, I’ll show you do you see the big fire up there we’re not having very luxe very much luck today on this little beginning of a road trip are we, and it’s 42 degrees outside 42 degrees. So hot, and I’ve pretty much been cranking Christmas carols the whole time. So hopefully the boys enjoyed that yeah I think we’re about two hours away you know there’s I think this some extra Road is giving us an extra two hours like it’s taking an extra two hours to get there. So I think we’re meant to be arriving at 4:30 4:30 now I think my arriving at 6:30 yeah we’ll see how it goes with this fire it’s your parking faith we’ve made it take care of loop stops you’re a very very very long trip, and I was so excited we have checked into a motel, and we’ve just pulled all that stuff up a lot of steps and, I’m tired good thing we booked the wrong day we will check in who’s like I don’t see any reservation for pairing of Valentine, and then I checked my email, and we booked it for a month in advance come on Steven you booked that one. But luckily there’s still a room available. So they just swapped it, and I think we’re gonna jump in the shower I have dinner that’s it I think we’re just in the blog, I’m so tired yeah in the blog here tomorrow with ice through Banff National Parks you’ll see lots of lakes, and all the nice stuff tomorrow which we also see you tomorrow yeah thanks for reading guys I know I’ve ended the post.

But I have to show you the amazing sunset we have right now okay all right good night guys it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

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