Hey guys it is Sunday, and we are leaving Kamloops it’s like 8:00 in the morning, and we’ve got about a a seven hour drive 600 kilometres to get to Calgary which is our next stop I show you. So yesterday we went from Vancouver to Kamloops yeah we’re now driving from Kamloops you ready for my drawing new there’s rebel Stuart we’re going through Glacier Park through Banff National Park there’s Lake Louise, and we’re gone all the way to Calgary hopefully there is no more interruptions like yesterday pretty much this thing we did about 400 kilometers here today we have to do almost 7 700 kilometres. So yeah let’s do it let’s go just try to go through a drive-thru to importance, and Steven drove through the exits. But we had to reverse through this very tricky maze. But we didn’t Bowl the cars waited for him to get out is the drugs here on the left-hand side Oh kind of a you be confusing I feel that Timmy’s didn’t even do soy. So we’ve had to go to be competitive Starbucks see I fear you we’ve just pulled up at a place called sick of us, and the main reason we stopped isn’t how to Timmy’s aha didn’t the last time we check in with the Bucks hey true.


But we’ve been driving for hours now then Steven never had a coffee yeah I need my refill the driver needs his juice we’ve been just sound tracks pitch perfect sound tracks if you watch this before the snapchats done you’ll see us busting out we’re almost getting close to the line where the new where the mountain time is, and then we have to change our clocks, and then we’ll be bad, and I can’t wait to see the bees someone wants us to come out now always having to wait patiently while we blog all right we’re starting to enter the Rockies now, and the scenery is looking pretty cool it’s nice to have a clear day it’s last time we were here a couple of weekends ago it was a nice it was all cloudy, and then we got blue scars all around my dates we’re down below I’ve been driving for four hours, and I swear every time we want to stop every we want to stop there always seems to be a Timmy’s it’s like the number one must be the the road trip stop designation we always get to go here you go to the bathroom get some Wi-Fi, and we keep going perfect I love all these Timmy’s we are in golden at the moment, and right in front of us is like ski slopes let me zoom in. So, I’m guessing you during the winter these have got snow on them, and they yeah there’s ski slopes looks really cool in the in the summer though hey yeah this like random trails on the mountain. So we’re getting very close to Banff now, and I think we’re gonna stop at Lake Louise, and show you that’s this is such a good day, and then we could driving right through back to Calgary that’s like we’re staying for the night staying over for the night, and we’re working on what to do yeah some of you guys showed us what to do on snapchat which is also how are you feeling after driving for four hours good I saw more hours well three more hours that’s me go pee yeah little guy bastard get some wee feet guys we weren’t planning on stopping. But when we saw this light more like let’s pull over we need to do puff feet in this, and there’s a lot of people swimming, and it’s 35 degrees I think alright guys we got our national park pass. So we can now stop off in the national park, and I got a ton of information that I can read about places that we can stop off at let’s keep driving yeah let’s do it this get to Lake Louise baby whoo yes after a long drive we made it to my third across the border she’ll keep your eyes on the road Steven Perry. So we just got to Lake Louise, and it is beautiful. But we had to stop.

Because we needed to have lunch. So we just had a picnic in front of the chateau, and then I think we’re gonna go walk around take some photos while we still have some daylight we’ve been sitting here, and enjoying the view. So nice been on a road trip. Because he on nobody’s time at the tour bus they like oh you got a half an hour with here we get to you know just sit down, and also at when we came with the tour bus it was very cloudy, and freezing, and now it’s hot, and it’s nice I even see a little fish in them in the lake, and it is very pretty color just left like Louise, and now we’re heading to Calgary, and we’re not doing any more stops. Because it’s getting really late, and Stephens getting sleepy, and it’s likes, I’m getting sleepy too much driving no clouds. So Calgary. So we’re gonna get in about 7:00, and also if you think that it’s bad that, I’m never driving it’s.

Because in short the insurance is more if we added an additional driver no that’s how cheap we are so on we’re just doing you know try to save the money, I’m pretty sure it cost us last if you drive you’re late you’re just sitting there getting your nails done what’s manicure oh where do I go well suggest this is a real good joke look at the road as on the road my voice is a little rusty seeing tomorrow I can feel it. But we just entered Calgary oh yeah, and the first thing Stephen says is he’s like it’s like a big city like he thought it was like gonna be a little country town, I’m like no this is like a major city he didn’t have no clue. So we have arrived in Calgary, and we off to get some more fuel. Because we’ve used up all our fuel, and then we’re gonna check in to our Airbnb for the night, and then work out what we’re gonna do. Because we only have probably we’ve less than 24 hours here we want to try, and see as much as we can it seems we have a car silly Stephen he’s very excited oxi see these giant that is what you said oh I heard they like that lobstering I really do Stephen how is he not he got you havenõt I headed a five-minute nap a five-minute nap you were gone for a good hos head-bobbing long time we’ve been sitting in the car for about ten minutes while Stephen tries to work out how to use the petrol tank yes Pingree smart he’s trying he’s he’s looking at it we’ve seen this for about five minutes now he’s clicking a button, and then he waits I think it’s might be a bit Oh scratch to the head I think it’s a little bit confusing here, and um Canada I don’t know why maybe I should go out, and help him help him did you have some trouble out this feels cheap I think we have to start heading back to Babs now you took that long hey guys we just um came, and we just arrived at our Airbnb, and it’s really really nice, I’ll show you guys around sorry this is our living room it’s very cute you’re like a nice little TV area, and don’t mind the bags. But in here is our kitchen with flowers this kitchen is so nice, and big aren’t.

So cute let’s go check out our bedrooms I think our bedrooms are upstairs I think that Irene as a photographer it’s a good shot this is her yoga room that she gave us this is our yoga room we’re gonna do yoga in the morning, and then here’s a bedroom oh that’s so nice alright that’s a house I think we’re gonna have some do not, and then we’ll see what the guys from it. But for now, I’m gonna feel your ear in my yoga room mmm light some candles enjoy the view hey guys it’s like 11:30 at night, and we’re gonna head to bed it’s late we should go we head into the pool engagements no more traveling tomorrow, I’m going to show you guys around which is awesome yeah. So see you tomorrow exploring Calgary bye.

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