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Riyadh Metro Map on Weeks after his son’s birth, Brando left the marriage to continue uninterrupted a string of serial sexual affairs. Kashfi was granted an uncontested divorce in 1960 and was awarded sole custody of Christian, a payout of $444,000 over the next decade for her maintenance, and $1,000 a month for child support. In the 12-year custody battle which ensued, among the most rancorous in Hollywood history, Christian Brando was psychically destroyed by his parents’ legal wrangling. Dragged in an out of courtrooms, the young boy heard his mother brand his father as a morally unfit parent who physically abused her. Brando counter-charged that Kashfi was also a batterer who was, quite simply, a drug addict and drunk. In 1966, a judge withdrew custody of the youngster from Kashfi declaring her reliance on drugs and alcohol fuelled her uncontrollable temper. Sent by the court to live with Brando’s older sister, the boy was already irreparably damaged. Riyadh Metro Map 2016.

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