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In the catechumenate phase, baptism is conferred on adults and minors Chrys., Catech. III, 3,6 SC 50 bis, 154; deathbed baptism is sarcastically criticized clinical baptism: Chrys., Catech. I 1,3-4 SC 366, 118-122 also because it offers pagans grounds for objection against Christians Chrys., In Act. hom. 1,7 PG 60, 23-24; the children of Christians, presented immediately to the presbyters and signed with the sign of the cross, were considered catechumens Chrys., In 1Cor. hom. 12,7 PG 61, Riverside Map Tourist Attractions 106. The catechumens, like foreigners, were separated from the faithful pistoi: baptized, but also called our new brothers Chrys., Catech. I, 1,1 SC 366, 112. Recently converted candidates were called amyetoi Chrys, Catech. I, 2,8 194; those near baptism photizomenoi. They cannot turn to God as his children Chrys., In Mt. hom. 19 PG 57, 280. In church they occupy a place far from the altar Chrys. In 2 Cor. hom. 2,5 PG 61, 399. Before the oratio fidelium and the Eucharist, they are dismissed with a special blessing Chrys., In Mt. hom. 4,7.71,4 PG 48, 666; F. van de Paverd, op. cit., 139-164; Apos. cons. 8, 8,1-6. Instruction on the faith to the uninitiated amyetoi comes for the most part from frequent homilies in Lent during the community liturgical celebration, but also outside of the liturgy by godparents, as spiritual parents to their spiritual children Chrys., Catech. III 2,15-16 SC 50 bis, 141-142; Theod. of Mops., Hom. 12, 14-16. Catechesis normally lasted three years but could be less in cases of exemplary conduct Apos. Cons. 8, 32, 16. Guides of the new candidates are at first deacons, then presbyters and the bishop Apos. Cons. 8,32. The criteria of examination for entrance into the catechumenate discipleship are mostly those of the Tr. Apost., though with modifications see M. Metzger: RAC 20, 524-525.

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