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This spa is the second most expensive next to Centaurus, entrance fee is $40R and the girl is $21 OR, and they have a restaurant and a great masseuse. There’s a pleasant professional atmosphere here, as opposed to the balls to the wall frat party schtick at 4X4. The exotic shows, stripping and nude dances here are tantalizing. Most important are the girls, as there are many young stunning, fun, classy girls who take real pride in making you sweat 10 pounds and walk like you just got off a horse. Don’t be surprised if you leave here faking your manly composure, and then end up at the hotel taking a 6-hour nap.

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Termas Solarium is roughly 15 minutes from Copa in the Jardim Botanico side of town; address Rua JJ Seabra, 21, Jardim Botanica. A sexy club located in a restaurant row as well, about a $2 cab ride from Ipanema. Entrance is $40R, a session is $120R. The upgraded hour in the Jacuzzi suite is $260R. A nice crew of hotties here, and a local manager who will point out ones he recommends. The bonus is they are open on Sundays.

Centaurus is the granddaddy of them all. The highest class, and highest dollar club as well, located in Ipanema. A slightly different setup, you pay an entrance fee up front of $290 reais, which includes a 40 minute session. A second round with any girl is $215R. Upon entering, an available hostess will show you around the club and try to get you to choose her. The answer is no, you want to hit the sauna first. There’s so many girls here you want to wait as long as humanly possible before you decide. Similar Terma arrangement, in that you change and shower in the locker room, and then waltz around in your Playboy robe and flip-flops. The club itself is 5 stars immaculate. When strutting thru the first time, tilt your head in an aristocratic way, and mumble to yourself about some imaginary billion dollar business deal. This will not only display what an important dignitary you are, it will hopefully stop you from blowing a premature load during your gawking and stupid impersonation.

Talk about eye candy. Centaurus has arguably some of the hottest women in all of Rio. Now, if you like your women thick, morena or with the bigger bubble butts, you may not like the place. If you like a loud Animal House atmosphere, then don’t come here. But if you like a Gold Club environment packed with gorgeous, classy petite college students mostly in the range of 8 and up, this is your place. You could spend your kid’s entire education fund here and feel it was entirely worth it. “Looks like community college, sorry kids, you were so close.”

There’s a huge sports bar area with TV’s playing the numerous sporting events of Rio. That would be soccer, soccer and soccer. Try not to mimic the announcer if there’s a goal scored. They also feature live music on certain nights, as well as girls on stage doing some sexy stripping acts. Throughout the club there are countless girls roaming and attacking you. The upgrades are 2 girls, or the mirror suite for 1 hour. In the suite there’s a gigantic round bed with mirrors on all the walls and the ceiling! Practice Mr. Universe flexes while slamming your trophy hoe. Centaurus is a once in a lifetime experience. Or, if you’re at all like us, it actually happens quite often. You’re safe paying here with a credit card.

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