Rio de Janeiro Outdoor Cafes

After your beach and daytime action, its time to move on to the late afternoon outdoor beach cafes. There are a number of them to choose from, in the area in front of the major hotels Othon, Meridian, and Rio Palace. Just go for a stroll, you can’t miss them. The most well known spot on Avenue Atlantica is Meia Pattaca, with another choices called Mabs. Further down the beach is The Balcony. The line of restaurants is seemingly endless.

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Here’s the routine, grab a beer or 10, some delicious steak and seafood, and wait for the show to begin. Around 4 pm you’ll find two sets of opportunities, either the local or semi pro girls coming from the beach, or the late afternoon dressed up girls looking for men, money, drinks, or all of the above. It’s very obvious who’s looking for action, if you see one you like, smile….and she’ll be at your table quicker than you can say Ultra Sensitive Magnum XL. No matter how hopeless you look or how bad your Portuguese, you can get a rendezvous till the evening for around $50. (If you’re into that kinda stuff.) We would recommend you try for a local or semi-pro, as the chance of getting a friend and/or repeat action here is very high. If all you want is a quickie twosome or threesome, the hardcore girls are ready when you are. Be smart, avoid the hassles of the

Hotel Mgt., and potential theft, and ask the “ladies” to take you to the closest short time hotel for the excursion, it’s usually right around the corner.

Red Light District

Rio has an excellent red light district, found in the center of the South Side. Head to Lido Square area, near the border of Copacabana and Leme. This home to numerous exotic bars and nightclubs which featuring erotic performances, and burlesque shows with nude dancers. The clubs have the standard neon signs outside, and the featured dancers are usually showed in picture window displays. This is actually a residential area with hotels, restaurants, and the Drugstore Farmacia do Leme, which is open 24 hours.

The kingpin for talent here is Barbarella. There’s a 50R cover, which includes 2 drinks. The club has a bar fine to take out the girls, in addition to her fee. Expect a rate of S200-300R for the girls. A little pricey, but the samba strip shows and caliber of talent is an incredible sight. Other clubs to visit in this area are Boite Holiday, Don Juan’s, Frank’s Bar, La Cicciolina, Pussycat, The New Scotch Bar, Niko’s, and Baccara. Drinks are very expensive, and you should pay cash for each one. Credit card tabs have been known to rival the cost of your kids first year in college, as they pad them relentlessly.

The girls are here to dance, gulp whatever drinks you buy them, and many will go home with you. These clubs are for the guys who don’t like the terma brothel atmosphere and want to pretend they’re not getting a hooker for the night. Help Disco (see nightclubs) has more girls, and costs way less. However, the environment reeks of being a cheesy tourist hangout, and the music is techno and played at deafening volumes. Women consider it too disrespectful for a good local girl to attend. The Boites offer a better chance to meet a local girl.

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