Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Beach

Stretching 3 miles long and just 3 blocks deep, Copacabana is the center of Rio’s most dynamic activities, and is home to over 160,000 residents. Avenue Atlantica is the long windy main street, known for its famous mosaic boardwalk. Copa is vibrant with action 24/7, from the fishermen yanking in their nets in the wee hours, early am joggers getting rid of the hangover, to sun worshippers in the day, to the non-stop partying at night. Copa never sleeps.

Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Beach Photo Gallery

Start your day at the Copacabana beach. Try the beach area in front of Rio Othon Palace Hotel to Meridian Hotel. Many of the hottest chicks from the late night HELP disco can be found here. There are muchas chicas looking for action, and if you can’t tell which ones, there are touts hustling chicks, towels, and umbrellas everywhere, just ask one which girls are available. He’ll point them out and for a small fee introduce you. Pricing is roughly half in the day at 100R.

Ipanema Beach

Five minutes from Copa, the renowned hotspot has a bit younger group, is less crowded, cleaner and safer, and features the tiniest thongs on the planet. Here you can watch numerous sports; beach soccer and volleyball, foot volleyball, surfing, wake boarding, and jogging. Or, you can pull up a rental chair and binoculars and get bloody shitfaced and rent yourself an afternoon chica.

Arpoador Beach

Just southwest of Copa is home to the best surfing. Here you’ll find few tourists, and you’ll see where the local wealthy and pretty people hang, i.e., people who can’t stand watching shit faced Gringos pick up gorgeous hookers for sport.

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