Yes Jessica I officially want to tell them where we’re going in May you want to tell them it’s it’s reveal time okay guys Hey guys it is Wednesday which is Q, and IA, and a pretty sure seat is organized some questions that you guys have asked have a get a look at that questions from last week’s teacher very true which I need to look at soon very soon today we are heading into Leederville. Because we are finally finally getting our lens checked out.


Because back in like July when were in Canada Stephen actually dropped like a $2,000 canon lens, and he’s been very sad. Because he hasn’t been able to use it since, and we finally found a place that does free quotes. Because we’ve been wanting to get it quoted, and a lot of people are going, I’m sure it’s just for a quote, and like well definitely don’t want a what we found a place free quote. So we drive it down into leader bill to hand in their lens, and I think Stephen is very excited to get his lens back now you very excite us, and then we can start taking some wide-angled photos or whatever he’s excited about this is my beautiful 16 to 35 wide-angle L Series lens that’s been broken for a year if you have a look it doesn’t connect, and yeah. So I can’t actually connect it up to the body it just won’t screw in. Because if you see the Cather’s, I’ll showing you before imagine that being the camera body, I’ll show you guys the footage from a year ago of me explaining what happened just quickly Stephen drops his big expensive camera he’s a bit shaken up I heard my wide angle lens, and I can let me try today, and we walked out. So he’s bigger lens fell off, I’m gonna be.

So sad maybe we can do a little camera window-shopping well we’re here I love how you keep emphasizing windows. Because we’re not ready to buy yet babies in the shop now now it’s just a waiting game it might be more expensive yeah I know that he noticed all these things like oh we didn’t know you two saw that as ever in Perth, and need to repair a camera lens go to them I appreciate doing the free equate quote. Because even Canon themselves wanted to charge me $50 to look at the lens most of them $99 free quote I appreciate them. So I went shopping for my camera stuff she’s gone shopping for her stuff to Stevens parents house and, I’m a huge headache we’ve just like all meetings now I don’t usually like taking pain killers. But you know when it’s like your last resort you really need it that’s the issue, I’m having at the moment if you’re not interested, I’m currently painting my nails there’s an a one-off event, and I am doing it the brown color, I’ll show you guys cool, I’m using this cool thing that Claire has it’s a matte top coat. So it makes your nail polish matte sorry for all the boys who watch I really want to show you guys. So these sounds got the matte on the top, and this hasn’t yet can you see the difference well it looks like kind of like a pure color in the game in real life it looks pretty cool it looks cool in real life, I’ll vouch for that you know glammed up frog globby tomorrow QA time we’ve started a QA I know I just been busy.

But, I’m gonna believe you oh now I should entertain you guys while I wait did one find a little spot to sit. But there’s I don’t really have any seating areas out there back yard let’s take the chairs out to the grass alright guys random this looks by the way let’s just show them behind the post this is what at the moment yes Jessica I officially want to tell them where we’re going in May you want to tell them it’s it’s reveal time okay guys. Because a lot of things have just been all guys all right are you guys all ready tomorrow we’re going glamping in Monga River which is that like three hours away from Perth, and it is an amazing place I can’t wait to show you guys that’s tomorrow wait no no no reveal tell them the company name they can do a little cheeky research if they want you have a look we’re staying at a place called at Mile End glamping that’s all we’re telling them you can just have a look it looks amazing Stephen no really flew by the way in May we are going to Bali, and doing some stuff in Bali we’re doing some cool stuff in Bali. So that is just the first two trips that are planned chops you may be seeing some volunteer projects in Bali just gotta put it out there that as well as some awesome stuff, and in this trips plan. So many trips planned. But that’s what you’re getting for the moment at least you get to know what’s happening in the next month you look really ugly this is a good angle for the go-ahead let’s swing hey let’s play some oh wow we have a few alright which won’t watch collars post again purple purple is the new alright you ready, and about coop oh wow the first thing I do is I we brush my teeth. Because I hate stinky morning breath what are you doing in the morning we know you we as well everyone wheeze first thing this is so good we wait we’re never doing a morning routine let’s be wing I brushed my teeth, and then just enough of the way I am well just as you scrolling you’re firing I go on Twitter, and check Twitter. Because, I’m in Australia, and then I follow people in America. So then in the morning it’s so many tweets, and then I never have to check for the rest of the day. So I just go on Twitter until my Bloods gonna say you hold it in until you can’t wait then you go okay all right sorry going to Western Australia you’re gonna have so much beauty Hillary’s a good beach at the beaches are our favorite thing in put leeches ones if you go to Scarborough Beach you have to go to trig beach you should come to Malibu beach like this. So many beaches. So we have a picnic in Kings Park like we did the other day yes the Fremantle Fremantle markets go to Jack in the bean it’s our favourite coffee place oh my gosh if we’re around give us up Abby yes we’re sure you will show you the good bits literally contact us we’ll take you around, and our favorite part of France was climbing the Eiffel Tower going to Disneyland, and it was like riding to Disneyland, and hearing our favorite Disney songs sung in French I mean is very surreal it was cool that was pretty awesome we went to Paris twice. Because we liked it so much and, I’ll go there I would go a third time you have to show us around when we come to Paris you have like the worst Nails ring late-night sessions in the office.

So you know there are morning people, and there are evening people by myself, I’m an evening person it is 7 o’clock at night Jess has pooped ready for bed. But I think I can wake her up if I get some cheeky dessert hello kyon just as using her private hairdresser mm-hmm to get Charlotte a stylist, and stylist. But as soon as you are busy taken up you want to do a question do you often get homesick when travelling this one didn’t enter now entire year of traveling she got upset when we came home do you get homesick Claire I do I don’t get homesick. But my mr. Katz, and my parents I feel like all we’ve done today is B’s spend time at the shops whether a camera shop a clothes shop or a food shop we’re getting some snacks for the road trip to the glamping trip tomorrow this is happening this is happening this is happening, and this is definitely happening Poppy’s already for bet hello. But I yes we all will be ending the post now tomorrow is exciting we’re going down to a place for Mobile River which, I’m sure we’ve said a billion times in the post today. But we are so excited I hope you guys join us for tomorrow.

Because it’s gonna be fun it’ll be good thanks so much for reading nice, and we’ll see you tomorrow also if you have any questions for next week’s Q&A leave them in the comment section below night.

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