Revealing 2018 Travel Plans

Hey guys I am so excited today. Because Steven is finally getting a haircut I’ve been bugging him, I’m him for like over a week now to get a haircut I don’t know a lot of you guys are coming to blow thank you should get a haircut. So gonna go to Hilary’s now it was terrible Steven really on the other side of the house through two doors please like this is the longest you’ve ever let your hair go right, and the issue is that when you get it cut you get it styled where the back is short. But when it grows out like I don’t know you can’t even tell in the camera this okay no no you’re trying to make no. Because I need to show you that what it’s normally like what are you gonna do come this is what you’d normally like when you don’t touch her right white really yes it’s what, I’m Way too excited right now okay, and we’ve got like crazy good weather today, I’m pretty sure like it’s almost 40 degrees we’re gonna go out also it’s truly nature Robert tomorrow.

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So we started prepping getting a laughter ready to celebrate Cleo’s telling me she likes to drink soda water, and she actually bought tonic water, and says it’s the same as soda water 35 says it’s cheaper, and you even got diet 20 quarter is there even such a thing I thought turn 24, and soda water had died already no no try it straight first tonic water is like the devil try it, and it’s not the same as soda water try it, and tell me what you think of it yeah I know I totally taste different aside all right put it with your little lime cordial, and see what you think I was expecting worse Tony water is disgusting you can do it do me to do it right now oh that cordial to waterish well oh yeah anymore all right what do you think of it mixed with stuff is it still okay quality internet post you gonna go down a buy soda water literally smelling that tonic Romania like six years ago when I had a gin, and tonic for the first time worst drink of my entire life, I’m gonna sound like the most annoying is girlfriend over. But when you get your hair cut can you also not to cut it too short for some time with you get it cut to shore how do you just tell them you’re like huh, and then you can just step in I want to go on it I do not believe that oh you do not like right.

So fun I don’t know okay guys I think today we’re gonna tell you one location we’re going to this year only one. Because I see anyone booked in if their rides give you a hint one of our goals is to go to every Disney World in the world am I going to can we give them clues about the other one now you can try guess for the moment coming give them clues will give them some clues I want to get them clue let me get this haircut first well we got a new, and improved even over here guys you can now stop commenting below for me to get the haircut I still don’t know any other place that takes 40 minutes on a guy’s haircut they really they really do spend time on his hair when tomorrow this new product that he gave me it looks like baby Papa that’s in my hair of the man, I’ll show you tomorrow. Because I found this. So fascinate you don’t just had to buy it. So I can show you guys what are you doing an annoying sit down Claire was yeah Jess if you feel up to them while you’re on the ride you can tell them where we’re going in April literally let’s just zoom out there’s no one else on the rock are you done already it says what minute you on that ride we lost someone back to just Jess bye bye Jess you’re the brave one though alright see you later oh my gosh is the funniest thing ever been an empty thing bucket it’s just just screaming you can tell them now she is ready for Disneyland Tokyo if there are any sufferers from motion sickness out there you will know how I feel right now I literally had to go home I felt. So sick, and I just went, and sat on the floor in the shower to try to feel better I do feel better now. But very kind of I don’t know some reason we’re not gonna go biochips to make everything I know don’t maybe feel bad I mean coming like every day, and then I feel sorry motion sickness, and now for some reason alright if, I’m gonna miss the gym I Mays will miss it in style, I’m gonna give them some secrets I mean not secret can I give them some clues of what we’re going we’ll just write about Japan first take over okay.

So like a first blog of the year we showed you that we were in the geckos adventures brochure let’s see yeah look who it is, and we announced that we were geckos adventures like ambassadors. So we get to do a couple of trips with them a year, and the first trip we wanted to do. Because it was on our bucket list we went to them, and they’re like where do you guys want to go, and we said Japan. Because I am so excited to go to Japan mm-hmm I’ve shown Jess all the cool stuff with Japan she’s definitely, and then I’ve got my top one that we’re gonna be doing with them later in the year, and that’s at the new continent that we haven’t been to yeah that gives you a big hint of where we’re going at the end of the year it’s not booked in yet. So we haven’t said it yet we’re just contain almost booked. So yeah we’re gonna be spending like two weeks in Japan, and I am so so unbelievably excited if you guys have been to Japan you need to tell us what to do there mm-hmm I can’t wait it should be good fun another Khloe’s we’re gonna be doing a lot of volunteering this year again. Because we love doing that so much, and we’re gonna be going to a very iconic place in Australia that I think a lot of Australians haven’t been to sorry yeah it’s really iconic we haven’t been there. So that’s another clue for you guys of things that are booked in, and we’ll will let you know as more things come to life my sim is dying oh my gosh they’re all. So upset, and sad oh why they have to die in an awkward position oh don’t be sad Oh Nora here comes the Grim Reaper no don’t take my sim from me what’s he doing on the phone oh wow what I pleaded for him to come back to life, and he came back to life I didn’t know you could do that, and then lose my sim, I’m still gonna play now sorry guys we’re off to bet it is Australia Day tomorrow. So it’s gonna be a big fun-filled day let’s try your date tomorrow cause, I’m excited about Japan that’s the big thing see you guys.

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