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Reunion (FR) Map on He performed at the city’s Victory Theatre, prior to moving again with the family to San Jose, California, where his father opened a restaurant. When not helping out in the family business, Arbuckle made the rounds of amateur contests in local venues like the Unique Theatre where he impressed all with his pleasant singing voice. In 1904, the teenager was working in the restaurant when showmen Jesse Lasky and Sid Grauman, Jr., dropped by and someone requested that he sing. Grauman’s father was so taken with Anand 12 Disproving the adage Everyone loves a fat man, the public and Hollywood turned on Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle, the popular silent screen comedian, in the deadly aftermath of a wild booze party on Labor Day weekend 1921. Arbuckle was pilloried in the press as a rapist-killer and, although acquitted of all charges after a third trial, was personally and professionally ruined. He died of a heart attack in 1933 while attempting a film comeback. Reunion (FR) Map 2016.

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