Hi guys doping might as well do something for you today you got up nice, and early, and ready to eat you that it would be impossible for Japan to destroy this great nation. So here Pearl Harbor very interesting it’s like a theory dead silence yeah there’s no wind it’s very beautiful website to visit we should be going to the USS sorry not just discern the main memorial. So at the moment we’re at the front yes submarine fellowship owners I don’t know what it is behind me is one of the nine survivors left tonight hello hi, I’m Shane okay sure anymore we need to do a USS Arizona Memorial who’s watch your step as you exit the boat hey guys. So we just got onto the USS Missouri which was the last battleship to the Commission drive the United States have a natural to the spot where they actually sign the treaty that ended World War two which is so cool we’re just here at the kamikaze deck.


So during the World War two towards again they did have a Japanese kamikaze come hit into the boat, I’ll try to show you where the denny is that can kind of see the tent there that’s where the thing the wing hidden with the bomb fell off into the water first alright guys. So when we got home. But like straight after seeing the battleship, and stuff we just went home, and did some work, and then we had a nap, and I we just woke up, and I think probably just have some dinner, and then go to sleep. But we were just looking online, and we just saw that weekend 100 commentrs which i think was really cool it is very cool. So thank you so much if you comment to us at the moment yeah I think it’s so cool. Because they’ve only been doing it for like a few days, and we already have a hundred people wanting to watch what we do every day which is cool. So if you comment hit the thumbs up button if you’re reading this.

Because I want to know how many of you have watched it I hope today’s bloggers are too boring we found a very interesting definitely historicals yeah, and when you’re there it’s such like a good I think it was so cool to go, and see it anything oh yeah definitely it was so cool seeing like in Pearl Harbor going, and seeing the by hearing what the history of it cuz I feel like living in Australia we learnt about it. But I don’t know I felt like I didn’t know as much as what I did now, and also seeing yeah that battleship that was sunken under the water, and the memorial you didn’t realize how many people actually died during Pearl Harbor, and also I thought I didn’t think that I wasn’t even going to like the battleship, and I thought I was so cool especially standing right where they signed the treaty to n World War two I thought that was really awesome. So if you’re in Hawaii I definitely recommend going, and checking out Pearl Harbor it was really cool see ya thanks for reading today guys yeah we’ve got a few more tours planned in Hawaii. So we’ll try to keep another bit more interesting, and you don’t go looking for any more food no no no we got enough food now it’s Friday the 13th tomorrow mmm I don’t even know what we’re doing yet yeah gorilla you will see this on the con alright well see you guys thanks for reading.

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