El Poo el sarav minga Poo se Ada e Tesin no ghe mettessen coo. Literally, The Po wouldn’t be the Po if the Adda and Ticino didn’t flow into it. That is, behind every great and powerful person is an army of helpers. Chi ha danee fa danee, chi pioeucc fa lenden. People with money make more money, people with lice make lice eggs. The concept is the same the world over: It takes money to make money, and poverty breeds poverty. O gent o argent. Either people or money. That is, in order to build a house, work the land, and so on, either you have friends to help you, or you’re going to spend a lot of money.


Brianza: a fine agosto torna

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brianza | Scuola Alpinismo Alta Brianza

agricoltura in Brianza. Storia e opportunit  « giuseppecaprotti

. Lecco » Luoghi e uomini in alta Brianza: storia, tradizioni e cultura

. nel cuore della brianza bella e verde venite a trovarci qui e

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