Red the Steakhouse in Miami Beach

Tonight grello Miami’s hottest steak houses here on Washington Street in South Beach or check it out red steak house upstate chat. But stakes are calling my name.

So let’s go inside, I’ll show you around bread mistake house has the super cool vibe the knowledgeable staff the high-profile clientele, and impressive wine list. But it’s what happens behind the scenes that leaves the biggest impression on the dining experience before sitting down for dinner I had the opportunity to meet with executive chef, and proprietor Peter Votey who showed me around the kitchen, and explained how he sources only the freshest seasonal ingredients, and highest quality steaks for his menu this is a dry-aged Certified Angus beef front no it is where the per the largest elephant surprise decline don’t sorcery from exclusive Britney blue lobsters to prize-winning Japanese Kobe beef Peter prides himself on serving the best of the best at red.

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Steakhouse here tell me what we got here this is crazy let’s start your craziness right here give one of our signature dishes here it’s a lobster mac, and cheese Michelle a pound, and a quarter Maine lobster pulled it in with four Italian cheeses, and chili pasta pulled together they’re side dishes here you’ve got one as well my favorite thing you made it’s a Walker creamed corn with corn bread bread crumbs from there you have lastly halibut with a last fried soft-shell crab you’ve got your Britney blue lobster here you have a nice sweet was over here with spring peas, and morel mushrooms, and then right here you have a 40-day dry-aged Certified Angus beef fry ribeye, and here you have Japanese Miyazaki 85 BMS four of ten marbling appreciate it no way back, and if the steaks, and sides were enough we finished off the gastronomic carnival with a dessert trio of cheesecake key lime pie, and unforgettable set of homemade doughnuts that brought me back to my childhood well played Peter very well played all right that’s it from Bret Steakhouse here in South Beach I got my doggie bags now, I’m just heading back to the sense beach hotel I got nothing left stuff dinner dessert a tour of the kitchen from the chef couldn’t be happier done be fuller.

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