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Recife Metro Map on If What’s Going On delved deeply into the religious side of the artist, Let’s Get It On was Gaye’s sexual manifesto. While in the studio recording the album, the 34-year-old singer became deeply infatuated with Janis Hunter, a barely 17-year-old friend of one of Gaye’s musical collaborators. The single topped the U.S. and U.K. charts, but by the time the hit album was released in August 1973, Hunter had dropped out of high school and was living with Gaye. Recife Metro Map 2016.

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Manila was crime-ridden, the docks were gated although all sorts of miscreants tended to find their way in. Shipboard robbery was common and most of the robbers were armed, with knives at least. One guard was always stationed at the top of the gangway while the others were supposed to patrol the ship. They all wore blue uniforms with their names printed above the left breast, US army style. At seven o’clock in the evening the day shift were relieved by fresh people who worked until seven the following morning.

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