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Recife Map Tourist Attractions on Furthermore, although not equally active in every time zone, the markets are open 24/ 5 and there is always an interesting Open to play, with usually enough action going on in the first few hours of the session to make some decent profits for the day. But there is a drawback also. Although this can hit other markets in equal fashion, Forex markets, from time to time, can go very, very stale; this could be due to a news release later in the session, but it is certainly not uncommon for currency pairs to travel in a tight, meandering range for days, weeks, and sometimes even months on end. At the time of writing these pages, July 20 1 4, we are currently experiencing recordlow volatility (at least on an intraday basis) , which is perhaps not so strange if we take into account the unprecedented near-zero interest rates across the board and the fact that most central banks have openly declared not to intervene on the upside anytime soon. Regardless of its actual cause, a persistent environment of low volatility seldom makes for pleasant trading (savvy contrarians might think differently). It surely isn’t much fun to see prices meander aimlessly in a tight range for hours on end, and painstakingly slow at that. In such 391 Understanding Price Action a climate, with little follow-through on balance, the breakout trader in particular is at risk of becoming at least a little frustrated. Recife Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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