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First is the catechumenate audientes phase. In De cat. rud. the recipients are rudes, newly arrived accedentes, especially pagans, including some highly educated, others about half illiterati, who after the usual examination of motives De cat. Recife Map Tourist Attractions rud. 9-10 and an introductory instruction by means of suitable rites exsufflatio, signatio, donatio salis: De cat. rud. 13, 50 are accepted into the catechumenal way if after questioning they respond that they believe and want to conform their life to the Christian faith De cat. rud. 26,50; V. Saxer, Les rites, 382-384. Augustine himself was accepted after his birth as a catechumen with the sign of the cross and with salt Conf. 1,11,17, as was the practice. His mother Monica, the daughter of Christian parents who herself was baptized late, deferred his baptism, even after his serious illness as a youth ibid.. Instruction of the audientes came from biblical readings and from the homily during the liturgical celebration, in which they took part until their dismissal, before the beginning of the eucharistic liturgy O. Pasquato: RAC 20, 469; Aug. Serm. 359B Dolbeau 2, 6: REAug 38 1992 66. In Augustine catechumens were also called Christians Serm. 294, 13 PL 38, 1343, nearer now to the faithful baptized, since they were consecrated with the sign of Christ and prayer with lifted hands, but they were still slaves, not sons In Joh. tract. 11,3-4 CCL 36, 111-112; ‰. Lamirande, La signification de christianus dans la thologie de s. A. et la tradition ancienne: REAug 9 1963 228-233; Id., Fidelis et l’cclsiologie de s. A.: Aug 41 2001 169-200. Augustine, who recalls the discipline of the arcanum, refers it primarily to baptism and to the Eucharist En. in Ps. 103, 14 as a stimulus to receive these sacraments see M. Metzger: RAC 20, 541.

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