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Okay you it’s a quiet morning on the beach in the boy Viagem neighborhood of hissy-fit, and while you’re likely to run into a few fishermen, and beachgoers you won’t find many people actually in the water here as its said this is the most dangerous beach in the world due to the heavy population of sharks just offshore, and as much as I’d love to jump in, and prove it I decided to skip the swim that head downtown to see what life’s like on land in the capital city of Benin buco the historical city center is lined with colorful buildings, and cheerful people traditional farewell music is in the air, and signs of Carnival are everywhere his CFA in neighboring own lien to host one of the best carnival celebrations in the country, and no matter when you go you’ll either witness the setup or remains of the year’s big event one of the main attractions during Carnival here are the pony echos Gigantes or giant puppets, and I followed a guy into the giant puppet embassy to see the incredible collection of wood, and paper mache figurines on display they’re a little creepy. But very entertaining to say the least that afternoon I had the opportunity to do something really special a local friend invited me to an after-school program that she’s involved with in his CFA’s largest favela a Vasily attend one.

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So the groups called drew Blondo crack, and uses sports like soccer to help kids in the community avoid drugs, and trafficking we spent the afternoon hanging out talking about life in the sea face, and of course playing a little football after an awesome time with the crew I made my way over to catch a sunset boat tour through downtown hissy-fit a large pontoon boat cruise to the wide canals, and rivers as I took in all the sights, and sounds of my surroundings, and while I wouldn’t consider it to be the Venice of South America some label it it was great to see his CFA from a different perspective on my first day in the city the next morning I was up early to go out in a little adventure I borrowed my friend’s car, and set out on a day trip to Port legaly Nia’s first thing you notice upon arrival in the small beach town is that people of Port Salut Gallinas or port of chickens really love their name besides the tacky bird figures everywhere the beach itself is long, and beautiful, and a natural reef just off shore makes it great for snorkeling, and scuba diving I spent the afternoon just soaking up the Sun, and relaxing in the sand before making the hour, and a half ride back to the city luckily for me I made it back just in time to meet up with local friends for some traditional Brazilian nightlife karaoke I always base the success of a trip on the insight, and interaction I have with locals, and with that in mind hissy-fit was definitely a hit until next time Travel on the corn de agua smooches who’s surviving my caucus Don HD shoe polish goes up, and down I got I saw a silver.

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