Howdy everyone I think we should show you just one more part of Cambodia we’ve been backpacking now for almost three weeks that’s been three week, and the review on the bags is it’s going well nothing is broken everything is still fitting very impressed yeah, and we pulled these off eBay. So, I’m pretty impressed seriously gonna miss this mode of transportation just got to our little small village where we’re gonna be spending the next couple of days it’s called bunt HM ah I hope, I’m not butchering that name. But we have dropped our bags, and we’ve decided to go for a walk around the village a very small village. So very local was staying at a homestay which we’ll show you a bit later like we have just come up with Tim he is a volunteer who you said you volunteer with got you go well I booked three going stayed a month loves is back in 2018 back in 2018 loved it then came back six months later we never left he’s been here for a year, and a half volunteering.


So it’s incredible, and we’re on a little bit of an Instagram mission around village hopefully see some awesome sights, and take some good photos we’re just cutting through a locals backyard, and we think we found a little hidden secret found like a temple that looks like it’s in ruins thing wasn’t investigated before it’s like some of the locals have just come to try, and keep this temple together there he just makeshift keep it all up this is really awesome this is a morning I wasn’t expecting this is like a temple you wouldn’t find in any of the guidebooks we just tim has been here many times, and he was just like I found this when I was just wondering, and if you guys ever watch the 90 shows legends of the Hidden Temple I feel like this would be the temple that it was based on just in the middle of nowhere we’re literally walking through like waist-high bushes hopefully there’s no snakes just arrived at our homestay where we’re gonna spend in the next couple of nights. So yeah we’re pretty much doing a homestay which means this is just a local person’s house that’s converted some of their rooms. So volunteers come stay here this is our abode this is just literally for bed mosquito net, and if you have a lookout there’s like a chicken coop out there yeah.

So local I love doing the home stays this is gonna be a good couple of days it’s gonna be rough. But it’s gonna be worth it. So yeah we’re here in this area of Cambodia doing the temple preservation project, and pretty much here at the temple preservation project they want to pretty much preserve clean up, and rebuild the temple they can get to World Heritage status. Because then they can get some funding for the temple, and hopefully bring more tourists to this area yeah we’re kind of gonna like check out the temple tonight fingers crossed we had an epic sunset cuz I do see storm clouds coming, and then tomorrow we’ll do volunteering yes the afternoon, and we’ve just come to check out the temple to see some of the tasks that the volunteers are doing. But we’re just gonna share a little bit of casual work at the moment there you have to cut down a lot of the grass which is one of the tasks, and they’re not doing that tomorrow. So, I’m glad we came today. So we can show you guys.

Because they need to clear the temple. So that you can actually walk around, and see it. Because it’s the wet season. So so much is growing. So you’d like literally couldn’t even walk to the temple if they let it grow I seem to have found some cheeky volunteers having a break just come across an awesome tree that’s pretty much growing like symbiotically with the wall around the temple. So we’re going for a bit of an explore its oddly strange walking around the temple, and not that we like a million tourists around there with you definitely a cool hangout point for the volunteers what an awesome place to volunteer in it’s so fun to say climbing around, and exploring this insane temple volunteering michi goals right now like the best work space ever all righty we’ve decided to end our temple tour by reading the sunset I can hear a Buddhist monastery over there praying at the moment Jess I don’t get to you Jess is just over there enjoying the sunset too and, I’m doing a little bit of a time lapse that is the beauty we are looking at at the moment it’s actually. So nice just to sit here we can just hear nature around us now quiet the monks have stopped, and it is so nice just to stop, and just take it all in, and we’ve been sitting here for like 20 minutes we’ve probably got another 40 minutes to go, and it’s just this is the most relaxed I’ve been on this entire cambodia trip. So far. So, I’m taking this in, and enjoy we’ve just come past the monastery, and we’ve noticed the monks have laid out their dress dried for the morning just getting the mosquito net ready for bedtime we’ve had such relaxing day we have no Wi-Fi no internet out here. So apologies if the posts are a little bit late. But it has been. So nice just like walking around taking photos Stephens been practicing his photography, and stuff chillin by the temple it’s a very chilled out area here very much needed, and tomorrow we’re gonna be finding out way more about the actual volunteering side of the temple. But we would have cheeky, and had a bit of a chill-out at the temple alrighty guys we’re jumping into bed waking up early to watch the sunrise.

But thanks so much for reading we will see you tomorrow night guys.

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