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Razgrad Travel on Since the material conditions in the Middle East were significantly different than Europe, the task of building a real and consequential socialist movement also had to be different. Here, the term socialism was used to invoke socially sanctioned conceptions and norms of social justice in the Arab-Islamic context. However, it required transforming ideological affinities from tribes and communities to classes and institutions and movements. This had the inherent difficulty of calling for an overall Arab unity and then asking the Arab masses to struggle against some of those with whom they had just been asked to form a fraternal bond. Progress was perceived in both material and intellectual terms. Promoted as a positive and a forwardlooking approach to life, this public value was to inculcate a spirit of self-reliance based on a rational outlook on life and a scientific approach to socio-economic problems. Industrialization was to be the engine of this progress but not at the cost of Arab identity, so one had to strive for industrialization without westernization. Razgrad Travel 2016.

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