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Rasina Travel on Borders are certainly some of the most important among these limits. Continuously overcoming them, capital is nevertheless caught in complex dynamics that make every moment of overcoming also a moment in which borders proliferate. The limiting function of the border, its capacity to mark out or define a territory, whether conceptual or material, is not given in a straightforward manner. If we recall Etienne Balibar’s observation that defining a border risks going round in circles, because the production of concepts is itself an act of bordering (Balibar 2002, 76), this complexity acquires a new significance. The task of making this kind of circular motion into a resource rather than an obstacle for radical struggles against capital is one that border struggles confront on a daily basis. An examination of how these struggles work and how they negotiate the equal and opposite capacity of capital to use borders to its advantage thus provides insights that can assist in the invention of a new politics of the common. Such a politics must extend beyond any rhetorical invocation of a world without borders; It must also renounce any attempt to turn the border into a justice-giving institution. Rasina Travel 2016.

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