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Rapla Travel on In 1960, they accounted for over 60 percent of bank funds, but by the year 2000 had decreased to only 13 percent of bank funds. Time deposits are left with the bank for an agreedupon period of time, such as six months, one year, or longer. A depositor who wishes to withdraw the money early must forfeit some of the interest that the money would have earned. Banks offer two main classes of time deposits. Time deposits under $100,000 are considered small-denomination time deposits, while those for $100,000 or more are considered large-denomination time deposits. However, because the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation only insures deposits up to $100,000, a portion of the money in large-denomination time deposits is uninsured like any other investment. Time deposits are often made by purchasing certificates of deposit (CDs). Rapla Travel 2016.

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