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The traditions collected in the Gelasianum vetus and the new ordo of readings pass to the 7th c. in the Ordo romanus 11 olim VII, which distributes the ritual for the preparation for infant baptism over seven scrutinia during the weekdays of the 3rd, Raleigh Subway Map 4th and 5th weeks of Lent, with the last scrutiny on Holy Saturday morning. But if the regulation of baptism and the preparation for it in the West as far as Narbonne and Tarragona was influenced by the traditions of the city of Rome A. Angenendt, Der Taufritus im fr¼hen Mittelalter: Sett. StudAltMed 331, Spoleto 1987, 275-321; cf. RAC 20, 566-567, liturgical anarchy arrived at the beginning of the 8th c., compromising relations with Rome. This led to Gregory II’s interventions 716 in the churches of Bavaria, those of Boniface 719 and 747 in the Council of Cloveshoe, and of his disciple Chrodegang, bishop of Metz d. 766, who proposed the reform desired by king Pepin, and then those of Charlemagne 789: baptism secundum morem romanum, culminating in his inquiry to the metropolitans 811812. Charlemagne’s unitary plan for baptism failed, however, with a splintering of the rites of Christian initiation O. Pasquato, Quale tradizione, 75-105; here 92-95. VI. Concluding summary. Between the catechumenate discipleship of the church and the pagan and Jewish milieu there are a few points in common secret of the arcanum, a quality of acceptance, influence of the philosophical schools etc., but they are of a different nature. The religious formation of the young in the family does owe something to Jewish practice. The 4th-c. Christian sources do not speak per se of catechumenatediscipleship as an institution, but concretely of catechumens and elect, instruction, rites signatio, exorcisms, anointings etc.

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