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Rakhine State Travel on Worshipful daughter of Demeter, what a grand smell of roast pork! is how the slave Xanthias interrupts the solemn invocation of Iacchos, and Dionysos only rebuke is, Well, keep quiet and you may get a bit of the offal. Another reference to the pre- liminary sacrifice of pigs also illustrates the severely practical mentality of the Athenian. Trygaios, the Athenian farmer who is the hero of the Peace, is told by Hermes that he has committed a crime against the gods for which the only possible punishment is death, and replies imperturbably: Then lend me three drachmas to buy a pig I must get initiated before I die.1 The emphasis on ritual action, and lack of positive teaching, meant that on the doctrinal side (I use the word for want of a better) the mysteries lay open to any influences which the passage of time, and the changing character of the worshippers, might bring to bear; and what we have seen of the ordinary Athenian prepares us to expect a modification. How did he conceive that after-life to which initiation entitled him, steeped as he was in the Homeric heritage which declared that the dead must necessarily drag on a miserable semi-existence in dank and mouldering gloom? I believe that he saw it illogically it may be as a development, not a contradiction, of the ideas in the Homeric poems. The mysteries did become a part of his religion, but failed to undermine the respect for Homer with which every true Greek grew up as part of his mental equipment. In the Odyssey, Menelaos tells how the sea-god Proteus prophesied for him a blissful immortality:2 But as for thee, Menelaos nursling of the gods, it is not ordained that in horse-rearing Argos thou shalt die and meet thy fate. Rakhine State Travel 2016.

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