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Rajshahi Travel on All this obtained acceptance as part of the canon of Greek mythology, however little it may have affected the actual cult of the god on the mainland of Greece. It is scarcely necessary to emphasize how unsuitable it is to the Olympian Zeus of Homer, to the conception of an august father and ruler, jealous of his powers, which was brought with them by the invading Achaeans. Who could imagine the idea of human communion with the divine in connexion with the Homeric father of gods and men? Yet once the Cretan god is called Zeus, this idea has to be admitted. The performers of the ritual dance were called Kuroi or Kuretes, and Zeus himself is addressed as Greatest of the Kuroi, just as in the religion of Dionysos, the best example of a religion of communion or enthusiasmos in Greece, the god was called Bacchos, and his worshippers, as through participation in the rites they came to feel themselves one with him, took the title of Bacchoi. Zeus, then, is originally the god of sky and weather belonging to the peoples who, speaking the Indo-European language which we call Greek, invaded and settled in the country which we call Greece. He was also the supreme head of their pantheon and in that capacity had taken on a number of functions outside the sphere of his original nature as sky-god. But the country to which they came already possessed its own forms of worship and belief, which for the most part were fundamentally different from those of the invaders. Rajshahi Travel 2016.

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