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Rajasthan Travel on Spencer sums up his conclusion in these words: 1 There is no exception then. Using the phrase ancestor-worship in its broadest sense as comprehending all worship of the dead, be they of the same blood or not, we reach the conclusion that ancestor-worship is the root of every religion. From this source he derives all other forms of religion, enumerated as idol-worship and fetish-worship, animal-worship, plant-worship, nature-worship, and finally the worship of deities in the accepted sense. It is a striking revival of the theory of Euhemeros at the end of the fourth century B.C.

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that the gods were famous men of old, forgotten days; for as Spencer says just before the passage quoted above: Behind the supernatural being of this order, as behind supernatural beings of all other orders, we thus find that there has in every case been a human personality.

In Tylor we have no universal philosopher, whose views on the origin of religion had to be made to square with a general preconception of society or the world as a whole. Rajasthan Travel 2016.

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