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Qubadli Travel on It also supplies a way of highlighting the temporal dimensions of labor. Migratory experiences of temporariness and transit not only leave their traces on the bounded spaces of the state. They also confront another homogeneous and empty temporality”the abstract time of capital’s measure. In this perspective, the border appears as a regulative device that attempts to manage the fractious processes arising from the encounter between abstract and living labor. The temporal aspects of this encounter become clear if one contrasts the chronological measure of labor time that underlies capital’s efforts to economize on labor with Marx’s description of living labor as form-giving fire, the transitoriness of things, their temporality, and their formation by living time (Marx 1973, 361). For the figures we deal with in this chapter, the tensions and conflicts between these diverse temporalities are played out across the many borders that cross their biographies, often in ways that question the easy chronology of future and past. Echoes of the past and uncertainty about the future invade a present in which experiences of life and techniques of measure at once overlap and clash. Qubadli Travel 2016.

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