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Qazvin Travel on Rather, such unity emerges through the ability to react effectively to questions and problems raised by dynamic processes, codified in terms of risk. Speaking the language of governance, one could say that states continue to be the main stakeholders in emerging border and migration regimes. Nevertheless they are increasingly (although differently in different parts of the world) confronted with an elusive environment of governance, within which a multiplicity of stakeholders play crucial and not always predictable roles. It is useful to remember here that migration and border regimes touch on key political questions, because they entail the distinction between citizens and aliens, as well as the crucial decision about whom to admit into the national territory. These features, as well as the control of borders itself, have been considered defining characteristics of sovereignty since the earliest formulations of this concept in the political theories of Jean Bodin and Thomas Hobbes. Even today, they belong to the prerogatives that are most jealously maintained by nation-states. Therefore, we must be very careful in the analysis of what is often described as an emerging global migration and border regime (see, for instance, Duvell 2002). Qazvin Travel 2016.

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