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Qazax Travel on I have heard it said that sometimes whole farms were cursed at Ffynnon Elian.1 V. Ghosts In speaking here of the belief in ghosts, I am thinking of the ghost-story in the modern sense, of which the most typical variety tells how the spirit of a dead man torments by his appearances the inhabitants of a house or some other locality because there is something that he wants done, and having accomplished his desire finds peace at last and therefore appears no more. Since we know how unhappy a dead man was believed to be in Greece if he either remained unburied or had died a violent death which had gone unavenged, there was clearly plenty of scope for stories of this kind. The ghost may be maleficent or merely imploring. In the Iliad the ghost of Patroklos appears to Achilles, to the latter’s great astonishment, with the simple request: Bury me as quickly as possible, and let me pass the gates of Hades. This belief in ghosts was strong enough in later Greece for Plato to be able to refer to and use it for the purposes of his own argument in the Phaedo (8ic). Qazax Travel 2016.

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