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Qabis Travel on That includes the United States. We should make no mistake about that. Dick Cheney, as 1 said earlier in this chapter, had more power when he was CEO of Halliburton than he had as Vice President of the United States, in spite of aIl the mischief he did in the latter capacity. The American people could have refused to reelect him if they had chosen to do so, whereas as a CEO of a multinational corporation he was not subject to such inconvenient restraints. Somewhat paradoxically, one of the best ways to understand what is happening now in our time of globalization is to read this old novel by Conrad, Conrad’s Colonial (Non)Community: Nostromo 189 written just a hundred years ago. That is one answer to the question of literature’s usefulness these days. The way military intervention by the United States is necessary to secure and support its worldwide economic imperialism is indicated in one small detail in Nostromo. Qabis Travel 2016.

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