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Hello guys it is time for another Q a post my I still healing the last stages of recovery finally believe me I wanted to go away a lot more than you do. But if that’s just going to bother you too much then I guess leave the post now I am going to say first that some people ask questions that have kind of already answered in draw my life post and, I’m going to link that I think it’ll be over here a lot of you guys were kind of seeming to ask the same question which is basically am i learning Chinese. So obviously I do want to learn some Chinese here I want to be able to get around I don’t want to feel like, I’m just completely lost in translation every time I step out the door in the place that I live a big part of why we moved to China is that Livio is really trying to study Chinese, and become fluent, and he’s doing really good well with that he’s learning everyday really studying to be honest I myself am not really devoting that much intense study to it right now. But there is a reason why porque el momento choice to aprendiendo espanol commencer a blender pour me a – el finito jorge luis perez de argentina conozco muchos palabra en tiene mucho pero necesito habla de Finetti pimenta necesito hablar mucho mas um also studios she Ramona yes tayo limba suerte masa da y este my Davichi de leave you trebly Sandhya my mother Lexi Lexi I have a harder time with Romanian. But um I I love both languages I love learning both languages. So yeah that’s the reason that, I’m not intensely studying Chinese right now is.

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Because, I’m already learning to other languages, and that throwing in a third would just really confuse things obviously I do want to learn Chinese. But I just feel like I want to be farther along not finished. Because I don’t think you have a finished learning language. But just farther along with some the languages that I am already learning a user named SN SN s hey Jordan when are you in poppy going to have your own patreon account whatever you guys not familiar, I’m not actually familiar either. But from what I understand patreon is a website where people can basically give you money to fund anything a project preferably I will just say that I am NOT going to be starting a patreon I know that the question included poppy I can’t speak for poppy. But for me I will not be starting a patreon or anything like that I just don’t really like the idea of people giving me money. Because I do already make a living, and I feel like if I I don’t know if, I’m having to ask people to pay money for me to go on trips then maybe I should just not be going on them if I can’t afford them I am capable of paying for my own trips I am lucky enough to be able to make a living through, and while traveling.

So yeah, I’m not going to be starting up a patreon I just think. So there’s too much of a gray line, and I don’t like that especially in terms of when financial things are involved nothing against people that do have patreon I think it’s a great tool for connecting viewers, and it’s really nice of you guys that you would actually say that you want to donate to my travels. So I do thank you for that. But no Katrin for me another question that I really like is from Imran Khan I hope I said your name right how many countries in the world have I traveled to, and if I had traveled to all of the countries what will you do I have traveled to 22 countries as of right now I believe this whole thing of oh you’re going to have gone to. So many countries explored. So many of them that you won’t have anywhere left to travel first of all it’s a long way off. Because I have traveled a lot, and I have only been to 22 countries that’s nowhere near any large percentage of all of the countries in the world there are hundreds of countries I would love to have traveled to every country in the world.

But even if I had then that would not mean that there’s nowhere left to explore the world is an incredibly vast place. So much. So that you will never be able to explore all of the world no one will ever be able to maybe people can visit every country yes. But that is not the same thing for me knowing that the world is such a vast diverse beautiful place that can never be explored truly fully is actually inspiring to me. Because makes me feel like there’s always going to be something left to explore another adventure to have for example I have been to France right. But in no way do I now say well I’ve been to France been there done that everybody’s that place again explored the South of France a little bit, and I was in Paris. But I would still love to go back to even those two places let alone more France it would be I think impossible to explore all of any one country, and then there are hundreds of countries in the world even when I was Miami I lived in Miami for nine years, and I still hadn’t seen everything that there was to see in Miami sometimes people would tell me about stuff there touristy stuff that you know locals might not do so much like well I should have done that when I lived there you are drive away from Miami there’s tons of places that I actually would have loved to go, and explore, and I just didn’t in 9 years even if let’s say you did know a place inside, and out you go somewhere else you come back, and maybe a year, and the place is never going to be exactly the same.

Because while you’re gone life has gone on in that location or city or town, and now some things are different you would kind of be different as well. Because time would have gone by you would have seen more things gained another perspective, and more to compare it to, and you’d look at it differently that is why I think that you can never explore all the world I just think that’s pretty cool one of my people that I see commenting a lot Eve Paulo Don pollutant polygon I know that, I’m probably saying your name wrong. But you asked about my writing, and I love that you asked about my writing funnily enough when I started traveling I felt that I was writer. So I should start a travel blog I had never really done postgraphy I wasn’t that familiar with it or to be honest very comfortable with it if you go, and look back at my old posts I am never smiling I am really avoiding making eye contact with the camera at all costs, I’m just obviously very awkward, and I had no idea what, I’m doing whereas in writing I can literally just sit down, and write something I don’t want to sound boastful. But to be honest, I’m a very good writer, and it just comes naturally to me, and I think that if I have one talent in life it’s writing, and feel like, I’m a writer, and that’s what I meant to do for some reason though I just wanted to do , and I wanted to do something that challenged me more however I am still writing, and always writing, I’m currently working on a novel, I’m also writing a encyclopedia right now about the relationships between people time, and space, and I feel like this ties back into the question of you saw every country where would you go. Because the reason that, I’m writing this encyclopedia is to illustrate that the world is a never ending story basically I am someone that’s really fascinated by history, and culture, and people’s lives through time history is just basically a collection of different people’s stories people like you, and me. So yeah that’s what, I’m working on now one of my devoted Twitter commenters Aldo.

So really I hope, I’m pronouncing your name right I hope, I’m pronouncing everybody’s names work of all the countries you have lived in which one is your favorite, and I like this question. Because it’s a little bit specific people like to ask me really really broad questions, and I kind of try to avoid those. Because how do you for such things. So if you consider living in a place for at least one month then these are the countries that I have lived in obviously I’ve lived in the United States Santorini in Greece Mexico for almost four months squattin mala Costa Rica Dubai for almost a month at enough that one cows Bali for over three months here I’ve lived in China for three months now. So which one’s my favorite um I think the runner-ups would be Bali, and Greece I always tell everybody that Greece is one of my favourite countries just absolutely love it there, and then I was living in Santorini. So that’s just incredibly magical place, and then when I lived in Bali just awesome insanely gorgeous insanely cheap the people are so friendly, and welcoming, and the culture is fascinating think that my favourite place in terms of living, and that I would love to live again sometime soon would be actually Mexico absolutely loves the vibe there the atmosphere felt like there was just so much more I could have explored, and the people, and the language I think back to that time really often in a miss Mexico. So probably Mexico if I had to choose one William on Twitter had a plethora of questions for me sorry that I can’t answer all of them one of his questions was who’s your favourite blogger, and why I feel like this is an obvious that a lot of people would probably say that it is my answer it would be Casey nice that if you don’t know I already watch his posts then you need to.

Because they are insanely awesome he really has a good perspective on life William also asked what made you decide to come, and stay in China for a whole year when we first considered moving to China it just seemed to us to be kind of a very unexpected choice we didn’t have it really in our minds to travel to China. But then once we got the idea the more that live you, and I thought about it the more we were just really intrigued to be honest over in the u.s. you hear a lot about China, and I just think that the whole perspective in the media over there in my home country is kind of skewed give you a one-sided picture of the country when you really try to research what does it like to live in China then I just didn’t feel like there’s as much out there as compared to other countries like what’s it like to live in France which it’s like to live in I know somewhere in Asia in Bali there’s tons, and tons of information when I was looking to move there. But then what I was looking for China it was kind of a different story, and there were a lot of conflicting stories as well that would say completely opposite things and. So we were kind of just never really sure what to believe what it was really truly going to be like, and I really think that you can’t know exactly what it’s going to be like living here in China until you get here, and that’s the sense that I got even before I came here, and that really intrigued me, and it’s such a huge country, and I feel like there’s a lot to be explored here there’s so many more questions. But I can’t get to them all.

Because this post is going to be too long the question from this elegantly named individual is where are you going to travel next Sydney would be nice since, I’m here my next trip is actually starting tomorrow morning really early in the morning. So I pretty much have to finish posting this post edit it, and upload it sleep, and lease which is exciting super excited about this trip. Because it is my first time traveling within China it’s also my first time really traveling since I got to China. So that’s been a little weird for me. But I’ve just kind of been trying to settle in here you know I got this apartment just yeah living life here I am taking a trip to Midwestern China when I looked up this town there isn’t even much information about it on Google I just love the idea of going to a place that even Google doesn’t really know about as for farther in the future in more trips I at the moment don’t have any planned. But I am very spontaneous. So who knows where, I’ll be even next week definitely going to go to Shanghai as soon as possible more places within China more places within shenzhen Vietnam really want to go to Egypt where don’t I want to go is the question as always I will have votes on Twitter if it’s between 3 or 2 countries, and I don’t know which one to choose in which to travel to then, I’ll put it up to a vote, and you guys will decide where you want to see me post next.

So if you want to get in on the voting on Twitter go, and follow me links are in the description thank you guys for reading thank you for your questions, and I will see you next time somewhere else in China bye.

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