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Provincia Constitucional del Callao Travel on Alas, because, as their name implies, those illusions do not correspond to things as they are, they are in the end destructive, too, as destructive, almost, as Decoud’s exception al entry into a state of mind almost without any illusions at aIl. 226 Conrad’s Colonial (Non)Community: Nostromo Illusions, too, make men or women extremely dangerous to themselves and to others. Decoud’s suicide draws its importance, among the interwoven iterated parts in Conrad’s multipart invention, from the way it demonstrates that it is an error to believe that Conrad recommends a thoroughgoing skepticism and detached observation, to look on and never make a sound, as Heyst, the protagonist of Conrad’s Victory, says ofhis resolution to remain a spectator during his travels.44 Both Heyst and the narrative voice of Nostromo, of course, make lots of sounds in the way of words. Skepticism like Decoud’s is deadly. It leads to an ignominious and inglorious death that is in sorne ways farcical, absurd, whereas Nostromo’s death, for example, and even Seflor Hirsch’s, and Teresa Viola’s, and Giorgio Viola’s, have something defiant and downright courageous about them. No Transcendent Ground in Nostromo The forlornness of the characters in Nostromo, the way each lives imprisoned in a private ideological illusion, is made even more forlorn by the almost complete absence, so far as l can see, of the metaphysical dimension that is so important in Heart of Darkness. Provincia Constitucional del Callao Travel 2016.

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