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Presovsky Travel on Such a nonconformist train of thought sheds light on the fact that the Ford Foundation was actively involved in funding research that sought to discern the condition of the worldng classes across different global settings. This was understood as a means of influencing labor movements and secur- ing a coherent U.S. strategy for the production of harmonious industrial relations on a worldwide scale, along lines that had already been experimented on with the Marshall Plan and the creation of the new area of Western Europe soon after the war (Maier 1991). Central to this effort was a team of researchers lead by Clark Kerr, who later emerged as a key academic administrator at the University of California. Kerr led a project called the Inter-University Study of Labor Problems in Economic Development, which spanned over two decades, involved more than ninety researchers from more than two dozen countries, and attracted over $1 million of funding from the Ford Foundation and later the Carnegie Corporation. In the initial proposal, submitted to the Ford Foundation in 1951, Kerr wrote that the development of an effective American worldwide strategy demands a profound understanding of the position of the working class in a variety of societies (cited in Cochrane 1979,61). Presovsky Travel 2016.

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