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Presidente Hayes Travel on All knowledge acquired in this world is in fact recollection, and once set on the way by sense-perception, the philosopher will ignore the body as far as possible and subdue its desires, in order to set free the soul (that is, for Plato, the mind) and allow it to rise above the world of sense and regain its awareness of the perfect forms. Philosophy is a preparation for death, in that it fits the soul to stay permanently in the world of the Ideas instead of being condemned to return once more to the limitations of a mortal frame. Obviously we can give here no complete outline of Plato’s philosophy, and there is a danger that a partial view may be misleading. Lest, therefore, what has been said should suggest a picture of him as sitting with his eyes ever fixed on another world, let us remind ourselves of the sense of duty which he inculcates, for example, in the allegory of the Cave. The philosopher, who has succeeded in leaving the shadow-play of the cavern for the real world in the sunlight outside, will, he says, inevitably be impelled to return and tell his former fellow-prisoners of the truth which he has learned. Such men in fact must form the ruling class of the Platonic Republic. To govern adequately, its rulers must attain a wisdom that is almost divine, for if they are to direct the state towards the good they must know the truth and not merely its shadow. Presidente Hayes Travel 2016.

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