It’s Wednesday morning at June 22nd 2018, and I am on my way out multitasking with my bike on my shoulder, I’m on my way out of the apartment, I’m heading downtown I have a lunch meeting with a good friend Anthony at Google in about 30 minutes, and it is a beautiful day in New York City you know earlier how I said that it was a nice day it is downright sultry today in New York City I think that’s the best word for it is sultry. Because when you’re hanging out its pleasant. But when you’re biking or running or moving fast it is hi out today summertime is here all right let’s go get Anthony security protocol getting into the Google now what happens oh thank you sir hey how’s security in here as you can see thank you like a spacious very missing a body traveler look at this. So apparently they just did a ton of renovations this is all new it even smells new do you think I could do it time ups out of here oh definitely sure I’ve actually been meaning to ask you show me how to do a time lapse on that camera, I’ll do a time I put on the few Unseld bad and, I’m like messing around the camera settings I just couldn’t figure it out.


So Google just opened up this new cafe on the very top for their offices the view from this cafe is hands down at the best view I’ve seen in all of New York City looking down at lower Manhattan with Jersey City over there if it sounds a bit too metaphysical or whatever or please like really all its going to have our own you know destiny if you motor car or whatever holiday play on whichever way whether a move for us there I go chairman I think, I’ll be making that decision anyway these are the conversations that we have let’s go inside a good call is we just got done our lunch, and we’re walking around this whole new kitchen setup there’s actually this room where they have culinary classes for people who work at Google check out these kitchens here this is a whole brand new kitchen that is just designed to take classes to learn how to cook. So you’re gonna sign up that is amazing well, I’m going to take the knife teaching skills.

Because as I was telling her I’ve been trying to learn the Koala technique, and each time I’ve nearly lost a finger. So I need I’ve watched the posts of some sort of grating somebody to hold my hand actually show me how it’s done it would be MasterChef, I’m gonna be master Jack this is one of my favorite places to visit Barry, and I get to see the graves of all these famous celebrities Oscar Wilde is there Jessica law of cemeteries. So we’re just sitting here, and we’re going over the parish trip. Because Anthony used to live in Paris for help about six months or. So I wasn’t that it was just just enough times living there. But still that’s enough to be there, and you know we’re in the city yeah please show me little places to go, and there’s a cemetery what’s it he rarely shion’s don’t know this now, I’m really sorry better start practicing your French now I am so you saw the martini for you right now I haven’t yet my detectives my French is very bad well you’ve had at least some practice.

So they can’t make fun of you too much your banana yeah always good conversation we have here we need to do this more shit especially if you’re leaving Anthony might be moving it is always. So good to come here, and get lunch with Anthony we have some of the best conversations over lunch here at Google I want to start recording them not with the post camera. But with the tape recorder just to go back, and listen to them. Because Anthony gives some of the best advice I’ve ever heard from anyone. So good lunch, and AFA thanks for having me time to head back out into the city still hot out. But it’s cooled down a little bit of tonight, I’m going to jump back on the bike and, I’m gonna head up to midtown I’ve been talking about this for a while, and even last week I posted a post about it, and I ended up knocking the camera, I’m going to the camera shop, and finally gonna get a camera thank you all right. So I finally did it I went to BH photo I got the camera didn’t think twice about it this isn’t the new camera I brought the camera home, I’m gonna unveil it tomorrow when we travel to France just have a nice, and fresh, and crisp.

Because I feel like the more you use these cameras they kind of wear out. So I want to open that thing up tomorrow right when we go on the flight have a nice crisp clean camera for you guys for these posts for the next almost two weeks we’re gonna be in France for two weeks which is so I went home, and Jessica’s having a like kind of like a girls night with some other models from great, and see. So she’s out to dinner, and I figured you know I haven’t gone on a nice bike ride in such a long time. So, I’m down on the west side right now looking at the sunset it was just the other day in the post where I mentioned that I feel like I run into lots of people in the city. So I saw the sunset, I’m leaving, and there’s this one news anchor that my stepdad Gary says I remind him of David Murr he does I forget which a network. But he does the like the head broadcast for the network, and there was this whole party yeah I think ABC I was leaving, and a bunch of people were looking at me covet chaos right now in New York City chaos this, I’ll get to this in a second, I’ll just finish this story.

So, I’m leaving in a bunch of people were looking at me postging. So I said hi, and then started talking, and they were having some after work party, and that was just a random runnin I don’t know I just thought that was kind of interesting, and then, I’m leaving and, I’m biking up through the west side, and I see all these cabs no joke probably 200 cab cars, and I see this guy running across the street, I’m like what are you running for, and he says it’s Ramadan well happy Ramadan have a good night. So nice Ramadan isn’t something I knew too much about. But everyone seems really happy cool just to get some perspective on how many cabs are here there’s a whole block both sides are covered with cabs double, and triple parked all the way down to the river that’s the thing I love about Manhattan I know we’re about to travel tomorrow, and go off to Europe. But Manhattan is just that place where there’s always something going on there’s always so much going on I like it we can’t forget about this guy here the speedo, and goggles all right we’ll gain everything together I have to go through all this over here this is all the camera gear, and all that good stuff I’ve been debating this for a while it is 11 o’clock now jess is still out at her girl’s night dinner I don’t even know where they’re at what they’re doing it’s good that she’s out I found that in a relationship it’s good to have that separation you know especially when you do a lot together with your boyfriend or girlfriend it’s nice to have those you know there’s times that Golf, and do your own thing that time difference in France is just about six hours and, I’m not the best with jet lag. So, I’m thinking that, I’m gonna go to bed tonight probably around 12 I got off today around 5:30 tomorrow or in a few hours I want to wake up at 3:45 or 4:00 a.m.

just to get a head start on the jet lag. Because I really want to have all my time in France, and I don’t want to have you know a day or two days kind of get into that jet lag. So leave a comment down below if you’ve tried that you know kind of getting yourself ready for time change. Because I mean, I’m willing to try anything just to you know beat it for whatever reason it is I don’t know why I have a bad bad time with jet lag it just takes me a while I think I might be the coffee it could be. But who knows I need the shower I guess I want for me the trunk look who’s back from girls night was it fun yeah the girls like I knew you’re gonna come home at through heaven wine I just I knew it, I’m like why there you don’t stay out till midnight, and now I get you’re drinking white wine. So they can go away this is the final countdown tomorrow we go to France it is weird it doesn’t feel like it I feel like this snuck up on us. So fast.

Because we’ve been. So busy. So until tomorrow everyone smile more worried less, and live your passion give this post the thumbs up if you’re excited France tomorrow with us tomorrow when we travel to Perry.

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