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Preiau Novads Travel on This minimum is called the banking, consumer 75 Consumer banking often involves personal consultation to determine the best investment options. reserve requirement. In February, 2002, the reserve requirement was 10 percent of demand deposits. Because time deposits are left with the bank for a specified period, they are less likely to be withdrawn before maturity, so there is no reserve requirement for time deposits. Fractional-reserve banking has been both a blessing and a curse to Western economies. It gives banks both the ability and incentive to expand a country’s money supply, as economist Adam SMITH noted in 1776: A particular banker lends among his customers his own promissory notes, to the extent, we shall suppose, of a hundred thousand pounds. As those notes serve all the purposes of money, his debtors pay him the same interest as if he had lent them so much [gold or silver]. Preiau Novads Travel 2016.

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