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Preah Vihear Travel on Stressing the tension between the regulatory function that the abstraction of labor continues to have even in the current era of seemingly unharnessed financialization and the multiplicity that invests, living labor, we have explored the growing unpredictability and dispersion of attempts to translate between the abstract and the concrete. In this chapter we analyzed the discrepancies that invest this work of translation for female care workers and for financial traders”two figures whose subjective positions result in very different negotiations of the nexus of abstract and living labor. In particular, we argued that such efforts of translation do not generate a homogeneous class subject. Rather, they give rise to a wide array of contemporary figures of labor whose subjective dimensions and capacities can only be organized across a highly differentiated field in which alliances and solidarities often take on odd and unexpected forms. This is as much a matter of spatial as social positioning, as again we have shown in the cases of carers and traders. Any application of Sohn-Rethel’s notion of societization in the current global context must account for a proliferation of borders and reorganization of space that radically question the inevitability of networks of social relations converging on a coherent whole, particularly when that whole is associated with the bounded space of the modern state. It must also explain how global processes and financialization pertain to the ways capital itself represents the unity of labor, which means to the criteria and the devices through which capital accomplishes the commensuration of labor and its translation into the code of value. Preah Vihear Travel 2016.

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