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Let’s talk about Lisbon the history the culture the life study it’s all boards starting with the streets of our farmers with winding cobblestone pathways fresh laundry windows, and postcard where these views it’s beholden distances sure walks appears thieves market. So if you’re missing anything check this place first you can scoop up everything from clothing to weird little doll from here follow the cable cars down to the heart of the city around Commerce Square where you can hang out by the water see why they call Lisbon sunshine capital of Europe all right hold on time for a snack, and let me figure out what’s next okay downtown take the bus to the neighborhood of dead legs go see the historic Euronymous monastery stop by the president Excel to say hi, and then I welcome everyone to go see my future home de belem tower on the way back from belem soak up the streets make your way to santa catarina look out sunset it’s just a really cool spot for the great vibe hang out listen to live music have a couple of drinks or whatever else is available, and enjoy the sunset I don’t know how it is for you. But for me when the Sun Goes Down the hunger comes out.

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So it’s over to forget a square for a seasonal market where people were just showing off with barrels of sangria, and cured meats for days, and after it tastes here the time out market is a necessary walk away if here you can find more meats really good seafood, and other delicious the place is pretty touristy. But the food is legit bottom line is it was a pretty tour today.

But it’s Lisbon. So, I’ll make an exception I spent a week in total here in Lisbon, and I can say with confidence that along with Porto up in the north this is my favorite city in Europe I know it’s a bold statement. But it’s true hey guys greetings again for my Airbnb here in Tokyo Japan a little bit more traditional place then you may have seen at the end of the portal post. But I just want to take a minute, and say thank you thank you thank you we surpassed 30,000 commentrs on this blog this week, and it’s not a lot to some people. But it means the world to me, and and, I’m really appreciative for that. So thank you guys so much hope you liked this little series from Portugal I didn’t have a whole lot of time there. But I wanted to document it I fell in love with that place, and I can’t wait to go back otherwise we got a Taiwan lay our post coming up next week, and then a bunch of content from Japan hopefully you guys like it, and as always give it a thumbs up if you liked this post leave a comment, and please comment if you haven’t done.

So already thanks guys.

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