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DVIN Greek Dou,bioj. Founded 4th c. BC, located on a hill in the valley Arart Marz of the river Arax, 35 km 22 mi S of Yerevan not far from Mt. Ararat. The Arsacid king Chosroes II 330338 refounded the city, moving his residence there from Artaxata. A Persian marzban was killed there in the Armenian uprising of 572; on this occasion the cathedral of St. Gregory, which had been used as a depot, Portugal Subway Map was burned down. In 640 Dvin was conquered by the Muslims and was made the seat of the governor Dabil. The capital of Armenia from the 4th9th c., Dvin was a prosperous commercial city and was destroyed by Turkish invaders in the 13th c. It was an episcopal see from the 4th c., and from the 5th c. a see of the Armenian catholicos not from the time of Giwt 461471478, but from that of catholicos John I Mandakuni ca. 484485, when Armenia obtained religious autonomy within the Persian empire. Portugal Subway Map Dvin then became the ecclesiastical and administrative capital, hosting numerous synods: the city boasts numerous and significant Christian buildings.

The phases of construction have been identified for the cathedral dedicated to St. Gregory the Illuminator: the building of Vahan Mamikonian late 5th c., who rebuilt the churches destroyed in the mid-5th c. by the Zoroastrians; the reconstruction of Smbat Bagratuni 606621, when the earlier plan of three aisles divided by pillars was modified by adding two apses on the sides, after a fashion peculiar to the 6th c. cf. Constantinople and Bethlehem; see M. D’Onofrio, Le chiese di Dvin, 13- 48. Near this building arose the palace of the catholicos of Armenia, who resided at Dvin for about five centuries, and the one-aisled church of St. Yzbuzit 6th c.. Another church, now vanished, was the church of St. Sergius, built by Narses III 641661, probably extra moenia: to it D’Onofrio attributes a pendentive preserved in the museum of Dvin, whose resemblance to those of Zvart’noc includes its bearing functions, Portugal Subway Map factors that have led to a hypothetical identification of the so-called ghost building of Dvin with the church of St. Sergius, which was probably similar to Zvart’noc in iconography and architectural decoration. After the Turkish destruction 13th c., the site was forgotten until the early 20th c., when excavations began.

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