Portugal Algarve Road Trip Lagos and Tavira

Did roadtrip time here in Portugal let’s go let’s get over there go through the bridge down ready for the drug trip Oh fire down there about an hour into the trip now, I’m well outside the city, and it’s beautiful all these green rolling hills, and these funky little trees beautiful beautiful countryside looking for dad’s out these highways are absolutely pristine on many cars on them things pretty good. So far closer okay I made a quick pit stop on the road boom sound easy triangle mmm chicken sandwich you buy still G G casual your spring offere it’s all little pass a little pastry with a cheese, and spinach alright. So Bob all right let’s go back on the road look like Mayday um Konami I got my map fully explained we got a new beach here we got some cliffs here the best beaches here what else anything else we got everything everything that I need don’t go into the city center with a car.

Portugal Algarve Road Trip Lagos and Tavira Photo Gallery

Because, I’ll die I amazed alive oh Sh just met the nicest receptionist Here I am at this place kind of yeah all right first order of business the woman at the front desk told me that there’s a nude beach right down here from the hotel room yep oh you get a shelter let’s obviously go check that out first what train all right I guess it’s too late for the nude beach goers. But this place this coastline is insane look at this you okay I stayed out too long time to find my way back to the whole town now this is just absolutely beautiful all right baby, I’m going to take one or two more photos. But then really, I’m done, I’m going to go, I’m going to call it a night this is day one of the road trip just incredible all right now, I’m really going in I swear. But look it this is the light off of the town bouncing off the clouds the Sun has set almost 45 minutes ago all right I just got to find my way back down these trails they won in the book Oh Yahoo bah Tanveer vamos no memories cause today, I’m editor Vieira from la bouche it’s about an hour away, I’m told there’s some great people there.

So we’re gonna go check that out a little overcast still a great day here Portugal let’s go Josh janky the fire station okay, I’m fine a placemark made it da-da-dah go check it out I was just inside Viera, and I really wanted some seafood I wanted some octopus what this region is really famous for. So I asked around ask a few people that worked in the shop that’s the lady the ice cream store I also asked the fishermen I said where can I get some really good octopus, and they both told me I got to go to a different village a place called Santa Lucia that’s the capital of octopus. So I came here it’s a quiet little fishing village, and they’re supposed to have the best octopus around. So, I’m going to go to Casa do povo try some octopus.

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