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Next we come to the baptizand phase. At the beginning of Lent the catechumens including soldiers are enrolled for baptism individually Theod. of Mops., Hom. 12, 14 in the church’s book which corresponds to that of heaven, after examination of the candidate and the confirmation by the sponsor. Porto Alegre Metro Map The 30-day period of preparation leading up to baptism is described like that of a gymnasium, a battle against immoral habits such as obscene speech, attachment to luxury, entertainments Chrys., Catech. I, 1,16-22 SC 366, 144-160; O. Pasquato, Gli spettacoli, 211-249: entertainments and moral life; a daily period of instruction in the morning Chrys., Catech. III, 2,12 139-140; of exorcisms barefoot, without tunic, listening to terrifying words, asking for liberation from evil Chrys., Catech. I, 1,7; 2,6 SC 366, 124.188-190; learning of the creed Theod. of Mops., Hom. 12,25; rite of the apotaxis, renunciation of Satan and his pomps, and of the syntaxis, adherence to Christ, by which each baptizand concludes a pact syntheke with Christ registered in heaven at the ninth hour on Good Friday; prayer with raised hands; and recitation of the creed redditio symboli Chrys., Catech. I, 3,4-6 SC 366, 226- 234. Immediately follows the anointing on the forehead by the bishop with the sign of the cross, with perfumed oil myron, the mark of a soldier of Christ and a spousal sign, protection against Satan Chrys., Catech. I, 3,7 SC 366, 234; RAC 20, 524 see M. Metzger: RAC 20, 523-528; V. Saxer, op. cit., 241-296; G. Cavallotto, Catecumenato, 115-140; O. Pasquato, Crisostomo Giovanni: J. Gevaert ed., Diz. di Cat., 185-186; Teodoro di Mopsuestia, ibid., 629- 631. For Cappadocia and Constantinople; Syria Aphraates, Ephrem, Narsai; and Alexandria and Egypt, see H. Brakmann: RAC 20, 528-536.

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