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Porto Alegre Map Tourist Attractions on Also, although immediately focusing on John Carpenter as their prime suspect based on his past seamy relationship with Crane and subsequent behavior, police had failed to search his room at the Sunburst Motel in a timely fashion. Inexplicably, a blob of semen or KY jelly found on Crane’s left thigh was never analyzed. Another problem facing police too many suspects. Crane, despite his charm and sociability, left a swath of emotional destruction in his wake. The murderer could be one of the many women he had videotaped (sometimes surreptitiously), or, their irate boyfriends or husbands. Estranged wife Patti, the chief beneficiary of Crane’s insurance policy, engaged in a loud phone argument with her wandering husband on the night before the murder. She was briefly considered a suspect until it was determined she had an airtight alibi. Porto Alegre Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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