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Portland Metro Map on Figure 8.5 Session overview: In the event of a flat Asian session, the volume coming in on the EU Open at 08:00 is likely to break whatever thin range is in place. In most sessions, however, it is the activity between 09 :00 and 1 0: 00 (UK Open) that will set a more distinctive tone for the market’s direction in the hours ahead. Points of interest: Despite the UK Open drawing near there was little reason to skip the flag break entry below bar 5. The flag hung harmoniously from its pole 3-4 in a bearish looking market and the entry was guided along by a resistive triple of the 2 5ema, the round number and the 50 percent retracement of the 3-4 swing. But bears in position would have done well to monitor the UK Open closely for signs of adverse pressure; the blockier it showed up, the more telling its message. As prices started to stall unpleasantly below the round number (6), there were several ways out of the short. Portland Metro Map 2016.

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