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Popular us vacation spots on 1. a feeling of physical and psychological strain accompanied by discomfort, uneasiness, and pressure to seek relief through talk or action. 2. the force resulting from contraction or stretching of a muscle or tendon. teratogen n. an agent that induces developmental abnormalities in a fetus. The process that results in such abnormal developments is called teratogenesis; a teratomorph is a fetus or offspring with developmental abnormalities. Popular us vacation spots 2016.

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The ship’s wheel looked as if it had been lifted from some ancient tea clipper, big and wooden and unwieldy. The chart room was dim and cramped, the bridge itself was dim and cramped. The bridge party all squeezed in as we left port: the Old Man, the chief mate, me, the pilot, a cadet, the quartermaster, the standby quartermaster. The constricted space made us all irritable and snappy. On arrival in Amsterdam, the agent came on board and told me that I was being transferred to another ship.

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