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Popular travel destinations on Granted, all this may have been in defiance of the earlier Asian bear pressure, but that is seldom a deal-breaker in the powerful UK Open. To further examine the market’s change of heart, have a look also at the elongated W-progression-and the triple-bottom element withinstretching itself throughout the second half of the box ( I -F); this was already a major hint regarding the shift in consensus from bearish to bullish. And how about progression 3-F, a W-pattern within a bigger W-pattern. And lastly, hanging from the right leg of this pattern was a two-bar squeeze progression, building up pressure between the 25ema underfoot and the barrier overhead (8-9). Since the latter element contained only two bars, and not very tight in span, we cannot blame a conservative bull for deeming the break above bar 9 a little too aggressive; it would have been nice indeed to have seen the squeeze fatten up a bit with maybe one or two extra bars, preferably getting a smaller in span. The UK Open is known to speed things up a little, though. 62 Chapter 3 Price Action Principles-Practice IFig 3. Popular travel destinations 2016.

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