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Popular holiday destinations on Baretta debuted in January 1975 and was an immediate hit with audiences who loved Blake as the street-savvy detective with the cockatoo, Fred. On the series, the actor introduced catchphrases like You can take that to the bank and That’s the name of that tune that quickly became part of American popular culture. In 1975, Blake won an Emmy as Best Actor in a Series for Baretta, but the series was doomed by the $35,000 a week star’s relentless perfectionism and abrasive personality. Blake micromanaged the entire show, demanded more control in every phase of production, and argued with everyone including producers, writers, directors, and other actors. A frequent guest on The Tonight Show, Blake regaled host Johnny Carson with colorfully phrased tales 31 Blake in which he put overpaid network executives (the suits) in their place. However, as soon as the show began to lose popularity and was cancelled in 1978 after its third season, it became apparent the actor’s prima donna posturings had marked him in industry circles as someone just too difficult to have around. For example, director William Friedkin briefly considered Blake for the lead in his 1977 feature film Sorcerer, but gave the role to Roy Scheider. Popular holiday destinations 2016.

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