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Poltava Travel on Existing alongside other partial global regimes in which private actors make rules, including lex mercatoria, Internet law, and construction law, corporate codes have a binding nature that is not guaranteed by state power, yet they also display a high normative efficacy (263). Transferring Teubner’s observations into the context of Chinese production zones, we can note a fragmentation as well as potential contradictions between the multiple normative regimes operative in these spaces. Often this gives rise to complex and uncanny blame games by which different actors displace and attempt to transfer onto each other moral responsibilities for labor conditions or environmental transgressions. For instance, in rhetorical exchanges that foEowed the widely publicized suicides at Foxconn and massive strikes at the Foshan Honda factory in 2010, it was the Chinese party-state that stood up to present itself as protecting the rights of Chinese labor from transnational capital. Aside from such moral and political positioning, the fragmentation implied by the legal pluralism into which corporate codes insert themselves shows the trace of sovereign power within the very constitution of the special economic zone. We are confronted again with an important problem we mentioned in the previous chapter. Although a sovereign gesture is definitely implied in the bordering that makes the existence of special economic zones possible, the framing of the operations of the multiplicity of actors and normative orders involved in the governance of these spaces also bears the traces of sovereignty. Poltava Travel 2016.

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