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Plzensky Travel on Equally important is the part of migration and various forms of internal and temporal bordering in shattering the assumption that, while financial markets are global, labor markets are inherently national in their workings and extent. The continual interplay of space and scale in cutting, dividing, and multiplying labor markets within and beyond putatively national bounds is a critical factor to observe in tracking how capital works the edges between different accumulation strategies. In the previous chapter, we examined how the existence of different kinds of pockets, enclaves, and corridors above and below the national scale brings these relations to the fore. The techniques of sovereignty and governance applied in establishing and administrating special economic zones, for instance, enables not only dispossession but also the control of surplus labor. In this chapter, we emphasize the implications of these developments for the subjects of labor, asldng how they position workers as political and legal subjects, citizens, and persons. This prompts a consideration of different kinds of border struggles and the relevance of the politics of translation within them. To begin, however, it is necessary to show how capital’s pursuit of accumulation across the borders of dispossession and exploitation has disarticulated the position and status of the citizen from that of the worker. Plzensky Travel 2016.

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