Planning Our Mykonos Wedding

Hey everybody, and welcome to Mykonos I think after 10 hours of sleep last night. So we are officially over the jetlag filled up the wreck of history No guys it’s just after 6:30, and literally just started just peeking over us just over there this is the best time to explore make enough old town there is no one here the only things in the streets at the moment are these cats we found one of the many mm cheers here in Mykonos Wow it is so beautiful anything you see the Sun is just coming through this is like a perfect morning we found a good spot my insta mission that, I’m just taking this moment, I’m so nice in this here the water.

Planning Our Mykonos Wedding Photo Gallery

So quietly, and it’s so nice actually turn this into a bit of a cafe it’s really cool to see this, and I think, I’m I want to come eat here yeah yeah very nice open we’re literally taking photos at every single door Bella Gordon’s work after all they all look. So so amazing like this plane is so beautiful as a church I’d love to be able to tell you guys which streets we took our photos in the Mykonos is a maze we just walk down a street which we haven’t seen before, and hopefully walking back towards our hotel I feel like, I’m talking. So loud. Because it is through quiet here on the street all right I think we lost we huh I don’t know where we go we walk down a place you have to like dodge a few pigeons, and in the ladies life you need to turn back you can’t come out this way if you’re gonna say I think. So it looks like the same street we’re walking down the hall this is such a cool door, and also a little tie I keep hearing the cruise ship horns they’re all coming in half it’s going to begin very soon the crowds are coming as we keep walking past fresh bakeries, and oh man we’ve been up since like 5:30. So breakfast isn’t really needed at the moment you know what else is needed coffee No okay that was way too cool we’re in Greece, and comes as casually walking their donkey it’s from the donkey to the giant elegant modern PC now we know how they people say white yeah actually painting told you guys they turn it into a little cafe now this is definitely coffee goals this isn’t really coolest place you’ve ever had a coffee Steve this is what happens when we order coffee we had a coffee PMS right here oh that’s a good gyro worthless pill right there.

So some of you guys are probably wondering why we’ve come to make enough. So early before all the family, and that is. Because we have pretty much planned this whole wedding online. So we decided to come early. So we can go, and check out the venue meet the florist meet the person of baking the cake. So that is what today’s task is we are going on a big trip all around the island to plan our wedding – pretty much yeah our last days planning the wedding alrighty just speaking of our mode of transportation today oh yeah guys this has got to be the funnest way to explore Mykonos we’ve kind of left old town once again we’re lost. But we’re having fun this is so much fun just hired one of these quad bike all righty we’re capturing this moment.

Because we’ve only seen the plate we’re getting married on pictures, and we’re literally just about to turn into it little excited, and we’re going to see it fall apart. So if in the past hour we just went to like a big atv mission around Mykonos we even went, and had a little sneak peek at the villa that we’re all going to be staying at we actually booked out a villa for our immediate family to stay, and a bridesmaid, and our groomsmen. So we went, and had a little sneaky look at that, and then we went to check that some supermarkets, and have a look at prices. So we can tell all the family which is about supermarkets get food, and now we have arrived at our wedding venue it looks really nice this is the entrance all right Steve let’s go to have a look we decided to go for a bit of a cocktail to celebrate seeing the place for the first time. So excited affair our meetings in like a minute hmm our wedding planner that’s here at the Astor hotel is meeting us here in about 10 minutes time, and then she’s giving them an interesting like when we’re getting married we’re having a reception can’t wait to see it alrighty we’re just at the wedding ceremony location. So I want to set up a wedding. But it is so cool to see it is like bigger than in person than I thought when you think photograph it look looks more like, I’m here, I’m happy this is so good wedding reception I don’t wanna give anything away. But it looks even better in person do you see like a little tiny bit I did do you guys do a little sneak peak this is the first time we’ve seen as it’s even better than a closing. So it’s actually even better in person like oh my god this is the area we’re getting married in, and the on/off state area a hotdog, and too much is also one time when we finish up on the on the wedding stuff we’ll give you guys all the details would let us know if you want us to do a sit-down post, and show you how we planned our wedding the wedding planning out of yeah, and destination waiting organization. Because never lost it so much. But if I wanted to my career could be organizing destination wedding. But also the wedding planner here is so nice like really just removed any fears or worries with super stress. Because like this is the day that we find out if this is going to be our dream wedding, and we just found out it is going to be altering way. So, I’m so happy right now I’d like dry throat alright. So we have our offline maps, and we forgot to put our florist in which is our next stop, and we just are just heading home to find some internet. But we just founded just by accident I didn’t mean to get rainbow clown. So nice flowers here okay they need that cold air con all right another wedding things exhaust let’s get you some take encourage me the way to gain person we have no idea how to reverse that we forgot to ask. So this is what we’ve been doing all day if we want to reverse this thing clearly in the middle of the road when we take a wrong turn all righty guys this is the place.

So we’re getting our wedding cake from be polka that was not good for the last stop oh my goodness the cakes, and cupcakes just wanted to buy them all. But, I’m holding out. But did not we should gone there first Jess after breakfast when I wasn’t hungry beep he realized to you.

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