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Do frame, engine numbers and licence plate match the official registration document? Is the owner’s name and address recorded in the official registration documents?

For those countries that require an annual test of roadworthiness, does the bike have a document showing it complies (an MoT certificate in the UK, which can be verified on 0845 600 5977)?

Does the bike carry a current road fund licence/licence plate tag? If not, in the UK it should have a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) certificate.

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Plan a trip to hawaii Photo Gallery

This part of Africa had been known as German South West Africa, although it had been taken away from the Germans as a penance for losing the First World War and had since been run by a South African administration. A lot of the Germans were deported in 1918, although many more kept a low profile and remained. I went into a bar in town with Ian to escape the blistering heat and it was like going back a century. We squinted into the dark until our eyes became accustomed to the cool gloom. Bottles stood on crude wooden shelving behind a battered and stained bar-top, rough-looking men stood in a line along the bar drinking from bottles, spittoons lined the floor, mismatched tables and chairs were scattered around, a piano stood against one wall, the walls were splashed with whitewash.

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